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Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program: A Status Repor..
Study by the Monterrey Institute of International Studies on the country's facilities for making fissionable materials, plutonium reprocessing, and weapons stockpiling. With extensive resources. [Adob..
Center for Nonproliferation Studies - Regions: Sou..
A collection of resources on nuclear proliferation in India and Pakistan. Includes detailed maps of nuclear facilities and dozens of articles.
CNS - Safety of Pakistani Nuclear Arsenal & Instal..
An assessment of the safety and security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal
Wikipedia - 2005 Kashmir Earthquake
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article provides information on the casualties, damage, relief efforts and international aid response.
Blog with information on what is currently needed, photos, transport, volunteers, resource directory. On October 8, 2005 a massive earthquake occurred at 8:50 am, Pakistan Standard Time. It registered..
Himal: Anti-Nuke Issue
Information and commentary on the nuclear weapons of India and Pakistan
Blog dealing with the October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. The blog has help line numbers, contacts for Aid agencies for donations, health and safety information.
South Asia Quake Help
Blog and wiki to aid in the relief efforts after the South Asian Quake of 8th October
TCF Earthquake Relief
A blog reporting on the efforts and needs of the Earthquake Relief operations
Arms Control Association: Country Resources: India..
A collection of articles and fact sheets on nuclear proliferation in South Asia.
Association for Assistance to Earthquake Victims i..
A Paris, France based group concerned with emergency relief assistance and long-term reconstruction. Site has news, photographs, links for donations and information about partners in Pakistan.
Earthquake 2005 - Get Involved
A blog reporting on requirements of the earthquake relief efforts.
Federation of American Scientists: Pakistan Specia..
A comprehensive guide to Pakistani special weapons, including nuclear weapons, missiles and related facilities.
India and Pakistan - On the Nuclear Threshold
A collection of historical documents on U.S. policy toward South Asia from the 1950s to the present Earthquake Relief Information
Find out about relief efforts from the personal home page of a couple living in Islamabad.
Mercy-USA's Pakistan Earthquake Relief page
Mercy-USA provides relief to earthquake survivors in the northern Pakistan provinces of Kashmir and Northwest Frontier Province.
Consequences of Nuclear Conflict Between India and..
NRDC's nuclear experts imagine the consequences of a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan using state-of-the-art nuclear war simulation software.
Pakistan Earth Quake Relief
Website has links to news, pictures and articles on the October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan
Site to help with the October 2005 earthquake relief work. Has news, photos and videos. Provides information on how to donate
Pakistan Earth Quake
A blog on Pakistan earth quake also contains website links to other similar blogs.
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