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Soho also said that she had joined the PPP the day she attended a dinner at Sindh CM House prior to the Senate elections on Saturday. During Saturday' .. Read More

The delegation from Seoul is the most senior to travel North for more than a decade, and comes as Moon tries to broker talks between nuclear-armed Pyo .. Read More

Talking to media, the AML chief said that oath of at least four clauses should be taken before the ceremony. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) als .. Read More

As per details, the prime minister reached directly to Jati Umra to meet Nawaz Sharif and inform him regarding details of the Nepal visit and upcoming .. Read More

The orders were given as a chief justice-led three-member bench took up Hashmi's plea against his disqualification as a senator last month on contempt .. Read More

Kumari, a rights activist belonging to the Kohli community from the remote village of Dhana Gam in Nagarparkar, was selected as a candidate for a Sena .. Read More

Sources said the two former bureaucrats have been arrested on charges of misuse of authority during the construction of the Shakarparian Complex in Is .. Read More

The prime minister conceded defeat in an emotional speech at his residence, Palazzo Chigi, and said he would submit his resignation to Italy’s preside .. Read More

In a four-hour “openhearted talk” over dinner in Pyongyang on Monday, Kim “made an exchange of in-depth views on the issues for easing the acute milit .. Read More

"We will continue fighting terrorism ... and the Ghouta operation is a continuation of fighting terrorism," said Assad during a Sunday broadcast on st .. Read More

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Aldar Khalil, a Syrian Kurdish politician and co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement, told AFP on Wednesday that the Kurds would accept the deplo .. Read More

There were no reports of injuries or damage from the eruption on Kuchinoerabu, in the far south of Japan.A local official said there had been no evacu .. Read More

A stunning 24-hour span saw May on Tuesday dealt the heaviest drubbing by parliament in modern British political history — 432 votes to 202 — over the .. Read More

Reuters quoted an unnamed US official as saying that three other American troops were also wounded in the Wednesday afternoon blast."US service member .. Read More

After years of reflecting traditional (read: toxic) masculine values, Gillette is now trying to encourage its customers to be more thoughtful, compass .. Read More

Data due next week is expected to show the world's number-two economy expanded around 6.5 per cent last year, its slowest rate in almost three decades .. Read More

Several polar bears live in the vicinity of Ryrkaypiy, a settlement far in Russia’s north. One of them is a year-old cub whose mother was likely kille .. Read More

Near 2035 GMT, the pound stood at 88.71 pence to the euro, compared with 89.57 and 89.15 Monday night.Against the dollar, the pound traded at $1.2860 .. Read More

At least one suicide bomber blew himself up and gunmen engaged security forces in numerous shootouts during the assault on the DusitD2 compound, which .. Read More

The proposed bronze statue is intended as a tribute to a local legend which says the devil was tricked by a local Segovian into building the city’s fa .. Read More

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Quoting the premier's tweet, Bilawal wrote, "Obviously selected PM doesn’t understand the concept of human rights or freedom of movement.""Funny it’s .. Read More

“Why are some of our lawmakers so scared of the ECL? Why are they so keen to go abroad? There is so much work to be done by politicians in and for Pak .. Read More

BNP chief Akhtar Mengal presided over a meeting of the party’s central executive committee.During the meeting, the party leadership decided to continu .. Read More

The Motorway section from Lahore to Pindi Bhattian (M2) was shut down due to poor visibility. Dense fog also disrupted traffic flow at the Grand Trunk .. Read More

The SC judge justice Ijazul Ahsan wrote the verdict in which the court ordered the Joint Investigation Team to send all the evidence and relevant mate .. Read More

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the anti-graft body however, said those named in the case including Asif Zardari, Murad Ali Shah and Faryal Talpur .. Read More

The governor was fined en route to Kallar Kahar from Islamabad after he was stopped for driving his vehicle at 136 km/h.According to Motorway Police, .. Read More

The decision was taken under directives of PIA Chairman Air Marshal Arshad Malik.Before the flight takes off, a recitation for a safe journey (due-e-s .. Read More

Addressing the meeting, Finance Minister said proposal for establishment of the framework was discussed and agreed with the Turkish side during the re .. Read More

In a statement, the Ministry termed the action on the part of these tour operators and banks as totally illegal warning them to refrain from it.The Mi .. Read More

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Pakistan have had to play most of their ´home´ games in the United Arab Emirates since a 2009 attack on Sri Lanka´s team bus in Lahore, although the W .. Read More

Bellator, the undisputed number two promotion in mixed martial arts, has been without a heavyweight champion since Russian Vitaly Minakov vacated the .. Read More

"Details about online Dubai and Pakistan leg tickets will be announced soon while box office ticket sales information for all five HBL PSL venues — Du .. Read More

Speaking after South Africa completed a 3-0 series clean sweep by winning the third Test by 107 runs at the Wanderers, Arthur said he wanted to build .. Read More

The Scot, who said he will retire this season because of chronic hip pain, seemed finished at two sets and a break down to the 22nd seeded Spaniard in .. Read More

Following a fightback in the late hours of yesterday’s play, Pakistan stumbled in the daunting chase of 381 as the fourth day of the Test resumed.Paki .. Read More

The flamboyant batsman, who will be making his PSL debut for Lahore Qalandars, announced he will feature in back-to-back matches at Gaddafi Stadium in .. Read More

However the PCB maintains the matter isn't yet closed, waiting to hear back from CA about a proposal to send a reconnaissance team to Pakistan before .. Read More

Messi drove the ball into the bottom corner after being teed up by Luis Suarez, who added two goals to his own tally either side of the Argentinian ma .. Read More

The Pakistan Green scored forty points while Indian team made 29 points.Meanwhile, Pakistan White secured third position beating Iran 24-31 in the int .. Read More

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Mason Lowe of Exeter, Missouri, was ranked 18th in the world, according to the Professional Bull Riders Association. He had been a professional rider .. Read More

For the Orlando-based rapper, it has been a pretty wild ride since he posted that picture on Instagram.Several users have commented on his photo and d .. Read More

The “Diamonds” singer, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, filed a lawsuit in U.S. federal court in Los Angeles on Tuesday accusing Ronald Fenty a .. Read More

The move, on the heels of a similar initiative by Google last year, comes with online platforms dominating the internet advertising ecosystem, making .. Read More

These are all questions we had - but we are here to serve you, the Newsround audience, with answers and not questions.So here is everything you need t .. Read More

The programme is quite similar to how WhatsApp tests its features with its standalone beta application.Colour-coded repliesTwitter is working on colou .. Read More

Save the date, because winter is coming… on April 14.The network also released a heart-stopping teaser video called Crypts of Winterfell. In the video .. Read More

“Yo, Imran Khan, It’s ya boy Akon, I’m looking forward to coming to Pakistan, are you ready for me,” Akon said in a video message on Twitter.The three .. Read More

The challenge involves people blindfolding their eyes while moving around. It was inspired by the Netflix series "Bird Box," in which people cover the .. Read More

Bodybuilders Ford and Gharibi will compete in the blockbuster bout for Polish organization KSW, despite neither man having professional MMA experience .. Read More

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A day earlier, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had announced that unregistered, smuggled and stolen phones will be blocked on January 1 .. Read More

China has been crucial to Germany’s recent expansion, sucking in German cars and industrial goods to create the infrastructure that has allowed it to .. Read More

Most home robot ventures have failed, in part because they’re so difficult and expensive to design to a level of intelligence that consumers will find .. Read More

Concerns over the health of the global economy and a US-China trade war loomed over the North American International Auto Show, as it prepared to open .. Read More

PTA had earlier announced that stolen, smuggled and unregistered devices will not work after October 20, 2018, however, the deadline was extended till .. Read More

Arfa Karim gained the title of Microsoft engineer in 2004 at the age of only nine years.She represented Pakistan at various international forums and w .. Read More

Compass needles point towards the north magnetic pole, a point which has crept unpredictably from the coast of northern Canada a century ago to the mi .. Read More

Among the 13 fast radio bursts, known as FRBs, was a very unusual repeating signal, coming from the same source about 1.5 billion light years away.Suc .. Read More

Framed by the context of contemporary art, many indigenous works placed outside their natural setting enable new ways of understanding post-colonial l .. Read More

CES - a tech trade show where the exhibit hall spans 2.7 million sq ft (250,000 sq m) - can leave attendees either enthralled or burned out.With more .. Read More

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I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that Natalie Portman don't go far enough in criticizing Israel.She should be supporting the BDS Movement and she don't so that makes her part of the problem.She should be condemned for not supporting the BDS Movement.The BDS Movement is doing good work and needs to continue. ... View News
Stan Squires, Vancouver 13 Dec, 2018

r assalamu alaikum muhatram jnab imran khan sab jnab sy apeel hy k N A 104 PP 105 PP 104 ka jo fisla hy ham us ko mnzor ni karty tmam pti old warkar and halka ihbab ko b ye na mnzor hy ex President mirza shahjhan baig samundri pp 105 na 104 03024483403 mirza shahjhan baig mian usman 03035299479 plz call me ... View News
, 12 Jun, 2018

This Vedic astrology writer’s related predictions in article - “ Astrologically speaking , some highlights for India in coming year 2018” - published last year at on 19 October , 2017. Just reproducing : -“ The year 2018 looks to be bringing to focus themes of political , religious or spiritual nature for a heightened or sharp analysis or discussion. Such analysis or discussion could also pave way for new enactments or judicial pronouncements having far reaching significance or value covering issues related to ……….political class”. Here , the words political and spiritual also include judiciary because they exercise sovereign power of State and are required to be ‘spiritual’ in that exercise, which means absolute honesty , integrity and devotion to the Constitution. So intent of the prediction can be read to cover themes of judiciary also for a heightened or sharp analysis and discussion. At another place in the article it has been predicted : -“Mid-March to 31 May 2018…………..Those involved in decision making , or governance of big enterprises , or big organizations or think-tanks in the Govt could be prone to errors or fault-lines or controversies giving rise to need for revision or amendment”. So while prediction does cover about precise scenario in judiciary to surface , it calls for reading between the lines. ... View News
kushal kumar, Panchkula- Haryana- India 12 Jan, 2018