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Gender Boy
Meaning Elegant, of elegant stature
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 9 ?
رانا   نام
لڑكا   جنس
چھوٹا راجہ، ٹھاکر، راجپوتوں کا ایک قبیلہ، ہندوستانی شہزادہ   معنی
عربی   زبان
9 ?   لکی نمبر
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Rating: 5 / 5
Votes Casts 1
Popularity 32973
Likes 108
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Rana is a Muslim baby Boy name, it is an Arabic originated name. Rana name meaning is Elegant, of elegant stature and the lucky number associated with Rana is 9. Find all the relevant details about the Rana Meaning, Origin, Lucky Number and Religion from this page. Average rating of Rana is 5 stars, based on 2 reviews. Rana meaning has been search 32973 thirty-two thousand nine hundred and seventy-three times till 25 February, 2018.

How do u find this name? Rana

Hi, Just for correction that, I haven't heard any baby name Rana. Bcoz, it's purely a SURNAME used by a clan of Rajpoot tribe in sub-continent and some other Asian region. Also, as far as I know that, Rana is NOT an Arabic name, however, this word has been taken from SANSKRIT language and origin of this word is "ran OR run" means a Battle field and rana were those who fight in battle field.

R U Ahmed , Lahore Mon 12 Feb, 2018

I love rana becuze rana is my cast

rana sajawal , sahiwal Mon 12 May, 2014

Rana Name meaning

Rana is a unique name with impressive meaning. It belongs to Arabic origin. You can find name meaning of Rana in both English & Urdu, and other languages as well. Names similar to Rana are also listed here. You can even listen to the audio on this page to understand the actual pronunciation of the name Rana.

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