Faisalabad Weather Forecast
فیصل آباد کا موسم
Faisalabad Weather – Located in the northeast Punjab, the city of Faisalabad features a hot desert like climate in Köppen-Geiger classification. Winters in Faisalabad are about to commence in full swing. The city experiences windy climate with drop down in the temperatures to minus. The maxim ..Read more

Faisalabad Weather

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Mostly sunny
Feels like: 37°
High 33°  Low 14°
Visibility 16 km Wind km/h
Dew Point 12 °C Humidity 29%
Sunrise 05:57 Sunset 18:26
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----
Faisalabad Weather Forecast
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
5 Day Forecast
Turning cloudy
Hi 38° | Lo 22°
Unseasonably hot
Hi 38° | Lo 22°
Unseasonably hot
Hi 37° | Lo 21°
Warm with sun
Hi 35° | Lo 21°
Hot with clouds
Hi 36° | Lo 21°
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Reviews & Comments on Faisalabad Weather
faislabad also recognized as Lyallpur is the third major city of Pakistan and second largest city of punjabprovince.faisalabad has a humid climate condition.
mehwish, Jan 20 2017

The Faisalabad weather is long too cold on this site and I think there doing the snow fall too see the temperate of there
rabia, Jan 18 2017

Chance of rain at Faisalabad on friday and saturday
Jahanzaib, Jan 04 2017

Faisalabad rain fore cast, but no rain at Faisalabad this week, temperature also high this week at Faisalabad.
rabia, Jan 02 2017

Aj bohat sard mosam hay.ay Allah ham ko dhoop bi ata kar dy
M.abutalha, Dec 30 2016

Pakistan Weather is cataloged as dry along with hot summers and cold winters with inadequate rainfall.now a days faislabad weather is cold.
lubna, Dec 15 2016

Mine uncle and aunt live in this city and before few days ago they called me and told me about theirs weather that is getting very cold
ayza, Dec 01 2016


IFTIKHAR, Nov 16 2016

Mine many relative are live in the Islamabad and some before two or three month ago mine cousin’s called me and that time their weather was going really very cold
shams, Nov 15 2016

I am thinking to going muree with my family in this upcoming winter because the weather is looking awesome and so cool now in Faisalabad and I hope muree had more beauty than there
samee, Nov 15 2016

Weather of Faisalabad is amazing you can enjoy your upcoming Saturday and Sunday with this normal weather it’s not so cool and not so hot
Anwar, Oct 28 2016

Mine cousins live in feslabad and now days it can going very cool that’s the reason is the winter some in there and really like the winter season
muneera, Oct 28 2016

Fasilabad is an Agricultural city.one of the cleanest city of Pakistan . people feel really good when they visit Fasilabad.
Zarmina, kohatSep 20 2016

I am going to attend a wedding of my cousin in Faisalabad in the coming week and fro that purpose I was packing my bags and then I thought of checking the weather forecast of Faisalabad city. I cant tell you how much happy I am on this facility.
Rabail, KarachiSep 15 2016

The weather is much better now in Faisalabad no because the rain is stop and the people enjoying the weakened with their family to going out in this city
Abdullah, FaisalabadAug 28 2016

السلام عليكم
یا الله اپنی رحمت کی بارش آتا فرما
shahzad Ahmad, faiasalabadJul 28 2016

Only in Pakistan the weather you want definitely you like is Faislabad weather still cool in hot seasons but the deadly traffic kill your enjoyment and change your mood for going out where in Faislabad
Hammad, FaislabadJul 24 2016

Faisalabad residents can surely facilitate from this amazing service of Faisalabad weather updates that gives them all the latest information about the sunrise, sunset, moon rise, moon set, and rainfall.
Haroon, FaisalabadJul 15 2016

Ya allha eis garmi ko mita kar apny mehboob ki ummat pr karm ki. Nazr kardy =Aameen
Muhammad ikram, FaisalabadJul 02 2016

According to the climate atmosphere of Faisalabad city, the upcoming month will be more hot but currently the temperature is normal due to rain.
Syed Tahir Touqeer Shah, FsdJul 02 2016

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Faisalabad Weather – Located in the northeast Punjab, the city of Faisalabad features a hot desert like climate in Köppen-Geiger classification. Winters in Faisalabad are about to commence in full swing. The city experiences windy climate with drop down in the temperatures to minus. The maximum recorded temperature in winters from January is 19.4 °C and minimum is 4.1 °C. The winters prolongs from November to March. Coldest months are December, January, and February.

Faisalabad weather becomes harsh and unpredictable in winters. One can witness extreme fall in temperature in the month of November. In January the average daily high temperature is 11°C. The temperature further drops down at night with as low as 4°C, and sub zero temperatures are also not a myth. Winters in Faisalabad are pretty dry with rare rainfalls. The people visiting Faisalabad during winters need to put on warmer clothes but there is no need for umbrella.

Faisalabad receives enough seasonal rainfall twice a year in July and August. The average yearly rainfall recorded is almost 300 mm. Hot and dry summers are also a significant part of Faisalabad weather. Temperatures remain high in late thirties and forties; maximum recorded temperature is 50 °C. The summers are long which commences from the month of April and continue until October. May, June and July are classified as the hottest months of the calendar. Talking about the May weather for Faisalabad, the city receives 9 hours/day of sunlight, average daily temperature recorded is 31°C, warmest daily temperature 40°C and rain received in May is 18 mm. June weather for Faisalabad city; sunlight received is 10 hours a day, average daily temperature is 31°C, warmest daily temperature is 42°C and rainfall in June is almost 43mm. Comparatively, June is a bit hotter than May in Faisalabad.
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