Rawalpindi Weather Forecast
راولپنڈی کا موسم
Rawalpindi Weather - The city of Rawalpindi features a humid subtropical climate with lengthy hot summers, and monsoon based short, mild and wet winters. The climate conditions are similar to twin city Islamabad. Rawalpindi's weather is known for changing abruptly historically due to its near ..Read more

Rawalpindi Weather

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Feels like: 17°
High 24°  Low 10°
Visibility 16 km Wind km/h
Dew Point 8 °C Humidity 58%
Sunrise 05:45 Sunset 16:02
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----
Rawalpindi Weather Forecast
10:00 PM
11:00 PM
12:00 AM
5 Day Forecast
Hazy sun
Hi 30° | Lo 10°
Hi 20° | Lo 8°
Hazy sunshine
Hi 23° | Lo 8°
Hazy sunshine
Hi 24° | Lo 8°
Partial sunshine
Hi 25° | Lo 9°
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Reviews & Comments on Rawalpindi Weather
rawalpindi fog is extremely high and also temperature going to low day by day, what is next 5 days rain chance at rawalpindi.
rabia, Jan 20 2017

This city weather of Rawalpindi is quite cold in now days and many peoples are go there for spent him weekend and enjoy there allot
safeena, Jan 18 2017

Weather predictions of all major cities such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad and Quetta are rapidly updated on hmariweb.com.
moosa, Dec 15 2016

This is the authentic site why gives the updates about the weathers of the Pakistan and I use this site whenever I want to know the weather of any city
hania, Nov 15 2016

Rawalpindi weather is amazing now a days people can enjoy their upcoming week ends in this weather easily with their families
Laraib, Oct 28 2016

Please show me the latest update of the Rawalpindi weather because I want to knowing the latest update of this city because mine family live there
warda, Oct 28 2016

some years back I used to wear sweaters and jerseys in the end of spetember. And now have a look, I cannot even sleep without AC turned on.
iram, kohatSep 21 2016

I don’t know about the Rawalpindi weather because I live in Karachi Pakistan and its weather is too hot now a days please tell me about the weather of Karachi
shazia, feslabadSep 17 2016

I will be travelling to Rawalpindi city for a business trip and this page is surely helpful in packing my luggage perfectly well. I am all happy to access the details of weather for Rawalpindi city here.
Danish, RawalpindiJul 24 2016

The weather of Rawalpindi is pleasant these days. I think that this page is surely helpful in terms of getting the right kind of information about the weather that is going to prevail in the upcoming week.
Haroon, RawalpindiJul 15 2016

Rawalpindi weather condition is same as Mianwali weather and i thought they only cities are cold now a days safe from bad hot and saponification weather
qadeer, RawalpindiJul 10 2016

I really want to say thanks to Allah, by the grace of Allah the weather condition is quiet pleasant. I also enjoyed the rain in this week.
Ghulam abbas, rawalpindiJun 29 2016

Tomorrow heavy rain expected in Rawalpindi so it help to change weather conditions. Enjoy this rainfall and keep fasting during ramadan.
Murtaza, RawalpindiJun 27 2016

nice weather in pindi alhumdullilah
abdullah, rawalpindiJun 13 2016

The weather in Rawalpindi is still below 30 degree centigrade. In this week clouds are also appear in the day time, I really like the current condition of Rawalpindi.
ubaid, rawalpindiApr 25 2016

In the month of April the weather condition in Rawalpindi after the sun set is quiet pleasant. In this year, the weather condition is also similar but the day is little bit hot.
wasif , rawalpindiApr 22 2016

Aasslaailikoom Yhnaa bohoot taaaz barash ho rhi ha mashaallah
Zahir Shah, islamabadMar 16 2016

Aaj ka mosam pyaara ha mash had Harry harsh hot I RHA I love barash
Zahir Shah, islamabadMar 15 2016

Bhai g ye sb Allah k kam hain ye to just andaza lagaty hain apna
Saqib , RawalpindiMar 13 2016

The foggy weather condition is quiet difficult specially for the driving because due to the fogg you cannot see the far distance, last time I also faced a road accident due to the fog.
younis, rawalpindiFeb 04 2016

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Rawalpindi Weather - The city of Rawalpindi features a humid subtropical climate with lengthy hot summers, and monsoon based short, mild and wet winters. The climate conditions are similar to twin city Islamabad. Rawalpindi's weather is known for changing abruptly historically due to its nearness to Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Range. These mountains influence the weather of the city to a great extent.
During the month of November, Rawalpindi weather remains pleasant and dry as the city receives barely 14.4 mm rainfall. The month of November demonstrates almost the same weather conditions as it was there in the October. Cooler days and night temperature with few thundershowers, welcomes cold weather in Rawalpindi. The average low temperature for November is 8.3°C, day time temperature is warm at an average of 25.9 °C. The mean annual temperature of 21.3 °C is suitable and moderate for people living here. The average annual rainfall recorded is 1,106 mm, most of which is based on the monsoon season. June is the hottest month in summers and January is the coldest month in Rawalpindi.
The city of Rawalpindi experiences an average of about 90 thunderstorms, which is the highest frequency of thunderstorms in Punjab of a plane station. A typical day in Rawalpindi features windy afternoons (40 kilometers per hour), but usually calm to light breeze; the wind conditions are recorded after midnight. The average annual wind speed of Rawalpindi is roughly 12 kilometers per hour at 10 m standard height.
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