Army Volunteer Meaning

(idiomatic, rare) To make someone perform a task or duty, especially one they are not prepared or willing to do.

Example: 1994, Elaine Yaffe, "Not Just Cupcakes Anymore: A Study of Community Involvement", Phi Delta Kappan, Volume 75, Number 9, May 1994:
  "She 'army volunteered' me," he says. "She said, 'You called; you're on the committee.'"
2000 April 29, Mitch, “Re: (Booklist included) was: Church's view on .... ?”[1], uk.religion.christian, Usenet:
  It was dreadful. Especially when it was raining -- the whole performance of getting all the plastic hoods off the double buggy, then trying to womanhandle<g> double buggy, shopping, both boys onto the bus. You ended up by 'army volunteering' the passengers behind you.
2009, Wayne Martin, "World beckons for golf croquet whiz BY WAYNE MARTIN", Nelson Mail (Nelson, New Zealand), 27 March 2009:
  Coutts was originally press-ganged into playing the game by one of his former intermediate teachers. Despite some initial scepticism, he eventually became hooked.
  "It was something that I got sort of army-volunteered into but looking back at it now, it's been one of the best things of my life, just because of the experiences and opportunities I've been given," he said.