At First Blush Meaning

(idiomatic) Upon first impression or consideration; seemingly, apparently, ostensibly.

Example: Template:quote=book
1990, Nicolas Wolfson, Corporate First Amendment: Rights and the Sec, Quorum Books (1990), ISBN 0899304508, page 1:
  At first blush it appears rather strange to consider for even a moment the possibility that corporate financial and business disclosure rises to the dignity of speech protected by the First Amendment.
2002, Clarence A. Bonnen, ‎Daniel E. Flage, Descartes and Method: A Search for a Method in Meditations[1], page 100:
  Third, it is only at first blush that one finds no exercises in conceptual elucidation
2008, Dennis Martin Altman, The First Liberal: A Secular Look at Jesus' Socio-Political Ideas and How They Become the Basis of Modern Liberalism, iUniverse (2008), ISBN 9780595430536, page 47:
  That may sound innocent at first blush, but a phrase like "American leadership is good … for the world" is a signal that these people want to impose their will on others; and when military strength and moral principle are added, the caution flag must be raised.
2012, Cynthia Garner, Secret of the Wolf, Forever (2012), ISBN 9781455510764, unnumbered page:
  At first blush it seemed the attacks by the werewolf were random.