Athanasian Wench Meaning

(idiomatic, obsolete, slang) A sexually promiscuous or loose woman, willing to have sexual intercourse with "whoever wants to".

Example: ca 1980, Peter Klappert, Satan Who Is Most Noisy When He Whispers, published in Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty. New York: Knopf in 1984 (ISBN 9780394513836):
  Of course I couldn't stop myself
  â€” for I was an Athanasian wench
  who said Quicunque vult and Amen to everything —
  stop myself from thinking
                            What an ugly cock this Fridolin
  must have, some primitive weapon, an iguana-headed [...]
  crude killing thing, a bulldog's kisser
  at the end of a pick handle.
1901, Justin Huntly McCarthy, If I were king, page 35:
  Villon gently cooled her impatience. "Hush, hush, my girl! There are many kinds of love, as you ought to know well enough. I am a rogue and a vagabond, no less, and so sometimes I love you and other such Athanasian wenches; Isabeau there and Jehanneton."