beautiful people

(idiomatic, somewhat dated, sometimes capitalized, almost always preceded by the) Fashionable, privileged, glamorous people, especially those belonging to international high society.

Example: 1975 June 16, "People: Millionettes," Time (retrieved 6 Aug 2014):
  Now these "rich young brats" have succeeded café society, the jet set and the beautiful people as social pacesetters.
1981 Nov. 13, Red Smith, "Place Where Polo Reigns Supreme," New York Times (retrieved 6 Aug 2014):
  Polo . . . is a jewel of a game for the beautiful people, though, and nowhere is there a higher incidence of beautiful people than Palm Beach.
2007 July 18, Brent Elder, "Grant Writing and Sightseeing," Independent (UK) (retrieved 6 Aug 2014):
  We were granted access with her VIP passes and received a first-hand look at the Dubai party scene. The club was filled with all the beautiful people of Dubai.