Bomb Out Meaning

(transitive, slang) To destroy completely or kill with explosives.

Example: 1966 Aug. 30, "Survivors Gird for New Season," Los Angeles Times, part IV p. 1 (retrieved 17 July 2011):
  The excitement along TV row this time of year generally is confined to the new season's shows—how many will hit or how many will bomb out?
1979 Aug. 2, "Jane Fonda bombs out in the political arena," Deseret News, p, 3A (USA) (retrieved 17 July 2011):
  Jane Fonda may be a hit at the box office, but she is bombing out politically.
2009 Dec. 2, Mninawa Ntloko, "Parreira's Loyalty is to Brazil," (retrieved 17 July 2011):
  Brazil started as favourites and as luck would have it, they bombed out in the quarterfinals.