Bozo Eruption Meaning

(idiomatic, Canada, politics) A remark—usually unscripted—by a politician or other public figure which is especially ill-considered and foolish, and which has negative repercussions for that individual and for his or her affiliated group.

Example: 2010 Dec. 9, David J. Climenhaga, "Smokin' Tom Flanagan! Jumpin' Steve Harper! Bozo eruptions erupting all over!," (retrieved 27 May 2014):
  Smokin' Tom not only teaches political "science" . . . he's a rich old white guy who advises our prime minister and his underlings on how to avoid "bozo eruptions."
2012 April 23, Graham Thomson, "Progressive appeal of Conservatives wins 2012 election," Edmonton Journal (Canada) (retrieved 27 May 2014):
  But things shifted the last week with the pro-Caucasian and anti-gay “bozo eruptions” from Wildrose candidates.
2012 Sept. 11, Matt Gurney, "The NDP's hothead needs your money," National Post (Canada) (retrieved 27 May 2014):
  NDP MP Pat Martin, known for the odd bozo eruption, is seeking the public's help for a legal defence fund.
2013 May 20, David P. Ball, "What If Political Parties Stood behind Their Bozos?," The Tyee (Canada) (retrieved 27 May 2014):
  Rob Ford remains Mayor of Toronto. . . . [A]re some correct in saying that in our quest to prevent disastrous Ford-style "bozo eruptions" on the campaign trail, we may have gone too far?
2014 May 26, The Canadian Press, "Liberal MP criticizes Justin Trudeau over abortion edict," Toronto Star (Canada) (retrieved 27 May 2014):
  McKay says on a recording obtained by CTV News that he thought Trudeau had a “bozo eruption” and didn’t think about what he said when he declared that anti-abortion candidates won’t be allowed to run for the Liberals.