Breakfast Of Champions Meaning

(idiomatic) An ironic appellation for beer, junk food, or other foods implied to be unhealthy.

Example: 1995, Bill Granger, The New York Yanquis, Arcade Publishing, page 245
  Aspirins and beer for breakfast; the breakfast of champions.
2004, J. F. Freedman, Fallen Idols, Warner Books, page 372
  In one hand he held a slice of cold pizza and in the other a Sprite—his version of the breakfast of champions.
2004, Brad Thor, State of the Union, Simon and Schuster, page 9
  When the coffee was ready, Leighton filled his mug to within two-and-a-half inches of the rim, then grabbed a bottle of Wild Turkey from the cabinet above the refrigerator and filled the mug the rest of the way. "The breakfast of champions," he thought to himself ...