Bridge The Gap Meaning

(idiomatic) To serve as or create a connection between two disconnected or disparate things.

Example: 2011, Multicultural America: An Encyclopedia of the Newest Americans (ed. Ronald H. Bayor), Greenwood (2011), ISBN 9780313357862, page 505:
  Today there is no doubt that Dominican women have been actively involved in building the community, in struggling to keep their cultural heritage alive, and in keeping families together by bridging the gap between Dominicans from the homeland and those who live in the United States.
2011, John F. McEldowney, "Managing financial risk: the precautionary principle and protecting the public interest in the UK", in Managing Risk in the Financial System (eds. John Raymond LaBrosse, Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, & Dalvinder Singh), Edward Elgar Publishing (2011), ISBN 9780857933812, page 450:
  It is argued that the precautionary principle provides an important mechanism for bridging the gap between public and private sectors in their approach to financial harm.
2013, Phil McNulty, "Aston Villa 2-1 Bradford (3-4)", BBC Sport, 22 January 2012:
  The Bantams bridged the gap between the bottom division of English league football and the Premier League to secure a place at Wembley, despite a 2-1 second-leg defeat.