Burn A Hole In One's Pocket Meaning

(idiomatic, said of something valuable) To cause someone to be tempted to spend money.

Example: 2004, Alan Cooper - The Inmates Are Running the Asylum - Page 60
  In frustration, I go to the local Circuit City, my Visa card burning a hole in my pocket. "Here's a grand! Two grand," I shout, "for the salesperson who can bring me a VCR that I can use to record TV shows.
2004, Dale Bumpers - The Best Lawyer in a One-Lawyer Town: A Memoir page 183
  When I later thought about the fifteen hundred dollars in hundred-dollar bills burning a hole in my pocket, and about how I was prepared to go immediately to the Democratic Party offices and plunk it down to campaign with a manager...
1972, Noel Bertram Gerson - The Prodigal Genius: The Life and Times of Honoré de Balzac page 327
  The fortune burned a hole in his pocket, and he could not resist spending several thousand francs on jewelry for Eveline;