Casting Couch Meaning

(idiomatic, slang) The situation as described above.

Example: 1982, Martin A. David, The dancer's audition book, page 111:
  What the term "casting couch" hints at is that roles or jobs are given in exchange for sexual favors.
2005, Dave Knox, Strike the baby and kill the blonde: an insider's guide to film slang, page 45:
  casting couch: This refers to the alleged practice by some Hollywood producers and directors of furnishing an office with a couch, upon which would-be actresses perform special services in return for casting consideration...
1978 June, Caryl Rivers, “Sexual Harassment: The executive's alternative to rape”, Mother Jones Magazine, volume 3, number 5, page 22:
  ...when a writing test at a radio station turned into the casting-couch routine. She was typing a piece of copy when she realized the station manager had locked the door and was caressing her shoulders.