Coined Name Meaning

(advertising) A newly invented word used as the name of an ingredient, product, or brand. For example, the use of "Kreme" for non-dairy cream-like products.

Example: 2002, CFR, page 180:
  For example, the coined name "Hardiclad" used to describe molded plastic drawer fronts having the appearance of wood, is not sufficient to disclose that such parts are plastic or that they are not wood.
2005, Y. H. Hui & ‎Frank Sherkat, Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering, ISBN 146650787X, page 4:
  "Corn Dogs" made from poultry cooked sausage, e.g., poultry franks or poultry frankfurters, must show the "kind" of poultry used in conjunction with the coined name "Corn Dogs," e.g., "Chicken (or Turkey) Corn Dogs."
2008, Paul Terry Cherington, Advertising as a Business Force, ISBN 1434471721, page 361:
  The coined name, too, should be easy to pronounce and easy to spell. It should not be grotesque or in any way displeasing. Possibly the name "Mak-Mor Sales Company" can be criticised on this score.
Used other than as an idiom: see coined,‎ name.