Come Out Swinging Meaning

(idiomatic) To display spunk and strength of character, especially when rising above or when fighting back against trouble or adversity.

Example: 1972, "Kuhn Blasts Rozelle's Poll," Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 1 Feb., p. C1:
  New York baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn, rolling up his sleeves and coming out swinging for the first time Monday, bluntly told Pete Rozelle to quit "kidding the people" about football being the nation's no. 1 sport.
2002, J. F. O. McAllistair, "Blair the Bungee Jumper," Time, 25 Feb.:
  So ingrained is the instinct for massive retaliation that Downing St. came out swinging before mastering the facts.
1967, Paul H. Dougherty, "Advertising: Oldest Agency Thinking Young," New York Times, 26 Feb., p. F16:
  There's ferment is Philadelphia where the ad agency with the oldest name in the business after a very bad year is picking itself up and coming out swinging.
2009, Julie Miller, Out of Control, ISBN 9781426831980, ch. 9:
  She'd endured cruelty and grief and still came out swinging.