Cry In One's Beer Meaning

(idiomatic) To feel sorry for oneself; to feel sadness or regret, especially in combination with self-pity.

Example: 1940 June 16, Frederick C. Othman, "Here's Film Director Who Says War Helps Business‎," St. Petersburg Times (US), p. 21 (retrieved 15 July 2011):
  It was a pleasure to talk to a movie producer who wasn't crying in his beer over what the European war has done to the picture business.
1956 July 27, Harris Powers, "The Circus Gets In One's Blood," Sarasota Journal (US), p. 4, (retrieved 15 July 2011):
  He was bitter about the whole thing, but he wasn't crying in his beer.
2003 April 17, Ian O'Connor, "Alcohol puts a damper on fun and games," USA Today (retrieved 15 July 2011):
  "When you win, you're supposed to drink to celebrate, and when you lose, you're supposed to cry in your beer."
2010 Aug. 8, Richard Corliss, "Box Office Weekend," Time:
  Christopher Nolan need not cry in his beer over Inception's demotion to the No. 2 spot.