Cum Grano Salis Meaning

(idiomatic) With a grain of salt; with a bit of common sense and skepticism.

Example: 1817 "Observations on Ill Health, Arising from Indigestion," The Gentleman's magazine, Volume 87, Part 1, p420
  This observation, taken cum grano salis, applies more or less to all who are daily exposed to the temptations of a superfluous table.
1861 "Imputation," The Danville quarterly review, Volume 3 (September, 1861), Richard H. Collins, p403
  The claim of Dr. Hodge that our standards sustain the view which he advocates, must be taken cum grano salis.
1998 Joseph Needham & Christoph Harbsmeier, Science and civilisation in China, Cambridge University Press, p142
  Perhaps the ascription of grammatical structure to Classical Chinese sentences must even more often be taken cum grano salis, with a pinch of salt.