Dance To A New Tune Meaning

Example: To significantly change one's opinion, attitude, or behavior.
1991, J. L. Granatstein & ‎Robert Bothwell, Pirouette: Pierre Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Policy, ISBN 0802068731, page 207:
  Policy was to be bold, not timid; campaign promises were to be carried out, not cynically shelved; and the public service would dance to a new tune, one where the ministers called the tune.
2005, Louis Adams, Diary of a Shattered Spirit, ISBN 1452033587, page 46:
  We must ask God to give us strength to dance to a new tune.
2008, Ian Nish, The Iwakura Mission to America and Europe: A New Assessment, ISBN 1135318808:
  As a result, the Japanese found themselves having to dance to a new tune and it was one they were scarcely familiar with.
2011, Bob Shaw, The Peace Machine, ISBN 0575111186:
  I can make neutrons dance to a new tune, but I shrink from telling a human tick to fasten onto someone else.
Used other than as an idiom: see dance,‎ new,‎ tune.