Dance To Someone's Tune Meaning

Example: To defer to someone's wishes or demands.
1995, M.K. Gupta, How To Remain Ever Happy, ISBN 8122300472:
  You simply become a puppet in the hands of others who will make you dance to their tune. In other words, you reduce yourself to a slave or beggar by mortgaging your happiness on the mercy of others.
2011, God'spower E O Udjor, The Dance of Herodias Daughter: Revealing Satan’s Last Deception in the Church, ISBN 1467878200, page 51:
  Satan doesn't care whether they carry the bible; he doesn't care whether they say Jesus is Lord. That's not his problem; he has successfully used them to create a counterfeit church to confuse the populace. He knows they are already his and they dance to his tune ... their destiny is sealed.
2012, E.V. Thompson, Dream Traders, ISBN 0709096569:
  If the other traders followed our example, relations between Britain and China would improve dramatically. Think about it the next time you go off in a huff because the Chinese won't dance to your tune.'
2014, Bernadette Reynolds, Dance to Your Own Tune, ISBN 1452524866, page 1:
  We are on earth to dance to our own tune! We have to know who I the individual is.
Used other than as an idiom: see dance,‎ tune.