ALLEGATION Synonyms & Definition

• Allegation
  1. (n.) A statement by a party of what he undertakes to prove, -- usually applied to each separate averment; the charge or matter undertaken to be proved.
  2. (n.) That which is alleged, asserted, or declared; positive assertion; formal averment
  3. (n.) The act of alleging or positively asserting.



Betray دھوکا دینا
Dumb گونگا
Intensity شدت
Literal لفظی
Lovely خوبصورت
Manifest آشکار
Masculine مذکر
Noun اسم
Opposite بالمقابل
Phrase الفاظ میں بیان کرنا
Phrase جملہ
Routine دستور
Singular واحد
Spouse شریک حیات
Sunrise طلوع آفتاب
Sweat پسینہ
The وہ
Those کی جمع
Vessel برتن
Vessel کشتی
Word لفظ

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