Do Someone Dirty Meaning

(idiomatic) To deliberately treat someone in an unfair or harmful manner.

Example: 1966, George Hanna, "Death of 'Devil Anse' Hatfield Was 45 Years Ago," Tri-City Herald (Washington State, USA), 5 Jan., p. 36 (retrieved 28 July 2010):
  Johnse lived with her, but didn't marry her. Later he married her cousin. "He did her dirty," says Willis Hatfield of his brother's affair with Roseann.
1971, Al Levine, "Dolphins sign Mira and (surprise) Del Gaizo," Miami News, 10 April, p. 1B (retrieved 28 July 2010):
  Mira, who thought the Colts did him dirty by not activating him as they promised, did not call back.
2005, Rashaun Hall, "Mario Shoots Heartbreaking New Video,", 2 Feb. (retrieved 28 July 2010):
  She was cheating on him—doing him dirty.