Drool Bucket Meaning

(idiomatic, slang, derogatory) A person with low intelligence or no common sense; an idiot.

Example: 1999 July 30, Ima Droolerman [username], “Re: Dr. Laura needs to be stopped”[1], alt.fan.howard-stern, Usenet:
  Howard get[sic] paid countless millions every year to make fun of drool buckets like you!
2005 July 14, RonB, “Re: Downer People”[2], misc.writing.screenplays.moderated, Usenet:
  "You're a worthless human being, RonB, we won't even let you play a kazoo in our band. Not *even* a kazoo, you drool bucket."
2008, Chris Grabenstein, Hell Hole, St. Martin's Minotaur (2008), ISBN 9781429982764, page 223:
  Ceepak's dad is currently bunking with the drool bucket: Nicky Nichols.
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