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The use of bilingual dictionary is now becoming essential for readers who want the understanding of both languages such as English and Urdu. In Pakistan, both these languages have a great significance. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan whereas English is used in institutions and also in the corporate world as a mean of communication. Just utilize this page to find the meaning of difficult English words in Urdu and vice versa. You can also checkout the synonyms, antonyms, and translation of different words.
English to Urdu Dictionary is commonaly helpfull in our daily speaking words like as follows.

Crenelation English to Urdu Dictionary meaning is shehar e panah شہر پناہ and detailed english translation is

  1. (n.) The act of crenelating, or the state of being crenelated; an indentation or an embrasure.

Cypher English to Urdu Dictionary meaning is luchar لچر and detailed english translation is

  1. (n. & v.) See Cipher.

English to Urdu Dictionary

The importance of language can never be undermined. In today’s modern day world, it is better for a person to read, write, and understand several languages and to enhance his/her vocabulary. If you are a person who wants to get the better understanding of both Urdu and English languages, then Urdu to English dictionary and English to Urdu dictionary offer the great help to the reader. In Pakistan, several people also utilize Arabic to Urdu or Urdu to Arabic dictionary.
However, the understanding of any language is incomplete without the usage of dictionary. A comprehensive dictionary not just elaborates about the translation of difficult words but also give information about the appropriate use of words in sentences. In addition, you can also check the synonym and antonym of any word and can use them in sentence.
This page is a perfect resource for people who want to utilize English to Urdu dictionary. Here, you can easily check the translation or meaning of different words such as occupied, intent, grade, and synonymously. In addition, you can also check the meaning of some other key words such as bestie, surrogate mother, spouse, etc. The proper understanding of proverbs will literally enhance your knowledge about both languages.
By using this page, you can also see the meanings of different compound words such as date+of+birth and birth+stone. Just bookmark this page to get the command on both English and Urdu languages.