Fast And Furious Meaning

(idiomatic) rapid and energetic

Example: 2011 September 6, Bryan Harley, “Springfield Mile II Flat Track Results 2011”[1], Mostorcycle USA:
  The AMA Pro Flat Track racing action was fast and furious at the Illinois State Fairgrounds this weekend as the top ten riders finished within one second of each other, with flat track ‘Mile Specialist’ Willie McCoy squeaking out his first career Grand National victory after over 20 years of competing.
1982, Gerald Redmond, The sporting Scots of nineteenth-century Canada
  The first reference was in 1862, stating: "The next day we had dog-races, and foot-races, and football, and the fun was fast and furious."
1920, Institute of Leadership & Management (Great Britain) - The financial review
  The pace was fast and furious most of the time, with new high records of prices constantly being established.