Final Solution Meaning

(historical) The planned and attempted mass murder of the European Jews by the Nazis; the Holocaust.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see final,‎ solution.
1911, Gilbert N. Lewis and Arthur Edgar, The Equilibrium between nitric acid, nitrous acid and nitric oxide, in The Journal of the American Chemical Society, volume 33, page 297:
  Each mol of nitric acid gives three mol of nitrous acid which is therefore present in the final solution to the amount of 0.048 mol per liter.
2004, J. Stevens and A. Blackstone, The Final Solution to Property Tax
(Can we date this quote?), Bernard D. den Ouden, Language and Creativity: an interdisciplinary essay in Chomskyan humanism (ISBN 1588116743), page 8:
  Thus to argue that there is no final solution to this problem would be a disguised form of pretentious finality, [...]