For England Meaning

(Britain, idiomatic) Very well or for a long time.

Example: 2011, Bernardine Kennedy, Past Chances, Hachette UK (ISBN 9780755388158)
  Before Venita, who could chatter for England, had a chance to hand over too much more information, Marty jumped in defensively.
2014, David Menon, Fireflies: Detective Superintendent Jeff Barton #2, David Menon
  She always wore the most disgustingly old-fashioned clothes and she could moan and complain for England but the thing that really bugged Sharon about Anne was that, despite having the disposition of a wet weekend in Scarborough, she always signed her departmental notes 'Annie' and she always turned the dot on the 'i' into a flower.
2014, Janis Winehouse, Loving Amy: A Mother's Story, Random House (ISBN 9781473508163)
  She could sleep for England. It's not unusual for teenagers to sleep for England, I know, but I believe Amy experienced depressions in her early teens.
Used other than as an idiom: see for,‎ England.