• Fore Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) The front; hence, that which is in front; the future.
  2. (v. i.) Journey; way; method of proceeding.
  3. (adv.) In or towards the bows of a ship.
  4. (adv.) In the part that precedes or goes first; -- opposed to aft, after, back, behind, etc.
  5. (adv.) Advanced, as compared with something else; toward the front; being or coming first, in time, place, order, or importance; preceding; anterior; antecedent; earlier; forward; -- opposed to back or behind; as, the fore part of a garment; the fore part of the day; the fore and of a wagon.
  6. (prep.) Before; -- sometimes written fore as if a contraction of afore or before.
  7. (adv.) Formerly; previously; afore.

Bow, Forward, Front, Prow, Stem,

• Foreconceive Definition & Synonyms

  1. (v. t.) To preconceive; to imagine beforehand.

• Foregleam Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) An antecedent or premonitory gleam; a dawning light.