full of beans

(idiomatic) Energetic and enthusiastic.

Example: 1919, P. G. Wodehouse, "The Aunt and the Sluggard" in My Man Jeeves:
  "What do you mean by the expression 'Bucks you up'?"
  "Well, makes you full of beans, you know. Makes you fizz."
  "I don't understand a word you say. You're English, aren't you?"
2006, Karen Thomas and Lindsey Arkley, "World mourns 'Crocodile Hunter'," USA Today, 6 Sep. (retrieved 6 Nov. 2008):
  Irwin's friend Chris White reflected on a friendship that began in 1975. . . . "Full of beans, full of life, gung-ho, fearless, tenacious at anything he attempted."
2010, Yvonne Lindsay, For the Sake of the Secret Child, page 68:
  "The antibiotics are working a treat and he's full of beans. Too many beans, actually. He's asleep now." She gestured to the chaos of the sitting room.