Get A Wiggle On Meaning

(idiomatic, colloquial) To hurry up.

Example: 1907, Louis Joseph Vance, The Brass Bowl, ch. 16:
  â€œIf yeh're goin' to see yer fren', yeh better get a wiggle on. He won't last long.”
1910, Stewart Edward White, The Rules of the Game, ch. 17:
  Get a wiggle on you, fellows. We'll never get out at this rate.
1915, John Galsworthy, The Little Man, sc. 1:
  AMERICAN: My eggs! Get a wiggle on you!
  WAITER: Yes, sare.
2008 June 11, "Counties set to defy Modi diktat," (India) (retrieved 20 May 2011)
  â€œIf it is up to Cricket Australia to come up with rules and regulations, then maybe they would like to get a wiggle on because this thing is about to start.”