Go Apeshit Meaning

(intransitive, idiomatic) To behave in an extreme manner; to act without restraint, especially by becoming explosively angry.

Example: 1999, Buddy Seigal, "Even Old Englishmen Still Get Wood," OC Weekly, 26 Aug. (retrieved 16 June 2009):
  Dexter's vocals are competent enough: his timbre is thin and eternally teenaged, but he can go apeshit on the hiccupy histrionics like no one's business.
2003, Ann Romano, "One Day at a Time: The Week in Review," The Portland Mercury, 1 May (retrieved 16 June 2009):
  Naturally, the touchy airline crew went apeshit and when the plane landed, the LAPD was waiting for Mr. Zizza.
2008, "Socialista Doorman Jeffrey Trunell Wants to Let You In But Sometimes Can't," New York Magazine, 23 Jan. (retrieved 16 June 2009):
  He walked down the street and I was looking past him and he went apeshit—"What the fuck you fuckin’ looking at? I’ll fuckin’ kill you."