Go Great Guns Meaning

(idiomatic) To move or proceed very quickly.

Example: 1910, P. G. Wodehouse, The Intrusion of Jimmy, ch. 17:
  The game between Hargate and Lord Dreever was still in progress when Jimmy returned to the billiard-room. . . . "Hargate's been going great guns. I was eleven ahead a moment ago, but he made a break of twelve."
1988 March 12, Alasdair Marshall, "Video: Dancing the Night Away," Evening Times (Scotland), p. 6 (retrieved 5 Nov 2010):
  The film is bound to go great guns on video and fans of the early Travolta movies like Saturday Night Fever and Grease should be first in the queue.
2002 Dec. 4, "Cuba Beckons: Clipper Race 2002," International Sailing Federation (www.sailing.org) (retrieved 5 Nov 2010):
  Sam Fuller and the crew of New York Clipper continue to go great guns and retain a comfortable lead as they approach the south eastern tip of Cuba.