Got It Going On Meaning

(idiomatic, colloquial, chiefly US) Appreciatively, of someone or something for being active and successful in a pursuit, or having the ability to be active and successful in a pursuit.

Example: alternative present indicative form of have it going on
past participle of have it going on
2006, Terry McMillan, Waiting to Exhale‎, page 144:
  "You got it going on, girlfriend. Don't she, Joey?" "It's working for you, sweetheart," Joseph said, and took a sip of his coffee.
2006 May 9, Karen O., “Big Gay Following”, The Advocate, volume 962, page 32:
  One is the sort of girl who's really got it together and who has a sort of boyish look and who's really got it going on.
1995 March, Danyel Smith, “Keith Murray: the most beautifullest”, Vibe, volume 3, page 47:
  But then monikers aren't all that important when you've got it going on like this MC. Even drowning in layers of winter clothes and speaking in a barely-there voice, Murray is clearly the beautifulest, his edgy grace plain for all to see.
2005, Sean Dooley, Big Twitch: One Man, One Continent, a Race Against Time - A True Story about Birdwatching, page 62:
  People always told me that owning property was a big turn-on for many women – a sign that a bloke has got it going on financially.
1998 April, Scott Sterling, “localzine: Detroit, Michigan”, CMJ New Music Monthly, page 77:
  In other words, Detroit has got it going on big time these days. With not one, but two new sports stadiums...
1993 June, Felicia Scrubb, “Letters to the Editor: Hale Berry”, Ebony, volume 48, page 10:
  Ooooooooh Ebony! You got it going on! I could have screamed when I saw David Justice and Halle Berry on the cover of the April issue.