Hang The Moon Meaning

(idiomatic, US) To place the moon in the sky: used as an example of a superlative act attributed to someone viewed with uncritical or excessive awe, reverence, or infatuation.

Example: 1967, "The Old Man and the MIGs", Time (2 June):
  "Everybody in the 8th Wing thinks he hung the moon," says one of Olds's aviators. "We'd follow him anywhere."
1989, Mac McNally, "Two Dozen Roses":
  If I had two dozens roses and an older bottle of wine,
  If I really could have hung the moon,
  Would it change your mind?
1994, Pam Tillis and Dean Dillon, "Spilled Perfume":
  Did you really think last night would last forever?
  Did you really think that guy hung the moon?
  Right now you hate yourself 'cause you know better
  But there's no use crying over spilled perfume.