Have A Fable For Meaning

(idiomatic) To have a weakness for something.

Example: 2007, Helmut W. Horchler, Native Friendships, page 137:
  I had always had a fable for nudes. Unfortunately my wife did not feel the same way.
2009, Wilfried F. Voss, The Bleeding Hills, Copperhill Media Corporation (2009), ISBN 9780976511649, page 38:
  â€œMy mother, just like your wife, had a fable for Gaelic names, and Seamus is the Gaelic version of James.”
2012, "Exclusive Hot-Spot", Vienna Deluxe, Winter 2012, page 67:
  Those that have a fable for good music combined with excellent food will love the unique concept of this club!
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