Hell To Pay Meaning

(idiomatic) Very unpleasant consequences; a great deal of trouble.

Example: 1912, Mary Roberts Rinehart, "The Miracle" in Love Stories:
  "When I'm hungry, there's hell to pay if I'm not fed quick."
1921, Zane Grey, To The Last Man, ch.3:
  "I told him I had sent for you an' when you got heah these slippery, mysterious thieves, whoever they were, would shore have hell to pay."
2009 Nov. 16, Amy Sullivan, "Can Dems Resolve Their Abortion Split?," Time (retrieved 28 August 2013):
  Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan . . . vows that "there will be hell to pay" if his language gets stripped out of, or weakened in, the final legislation.