In Spades Meaning

(idiomatic) Beyond doubt.

Example:   Last year we harvested almost no potatoes, but this year we're getting them in spades.
1954, Richard Pike Bissell, High Water, ISBN 9780873512213 (1987 edition), p. 115 (Google preview):
  "He is three times that bad in spades," I said. "He ain't washed his socks in four months for one thing,"
1993 June 23, Patricia Leigh Brown, "Yellowstone's Landmark in Logs," New York Times (retrieved 29 Dec 2012):
  Character the hotel has in spades. It begins at the parking lot, where bison roam.
2009 Dec. 8, Justin Fox, "The Top 10 Everything of 2009: Best Business Deals," Time:
  This caution hurt JPMorgan's profits at the time but paid off in spades in 2009, as the bank earned $8.5 billion in the first three quarters.