Jump Someone's Bones Meaning

(idiomatic, slang) to have sex.

Example: 1989, Clifton D. Bryant, Deviant Behavior[1], ISBN 089116779X, page 337:
  â€œHe’ll jump my bones in bed,” one fat woman explained to us about her current lover, “but he won’t take me out in public. At least the sex is great!”
2004, Emma Holly, Strange Attractions[2], ISBN 0425198219, page 265:
  His bruises from the fight did funny things to her womanly instincts. She couldn't decide whether to say “poor baby” or jump his bones.
2007, Deborah MacGillivray, Riding the Thunder[3], ISBN 0505526921, page 153:
  â€œThis night is going to be hard enough—no pun intended there—so I better back up before you jump my bones and I can’t fight you off.”
“You arrogant ... Ooooh ... me jump your bones?” Asha fussed.