Kick Ass And Take Names Meaning

(idiomatic, US, Canada, colloquial) To beat someone in a competition, fight, or other situation.

Example: 1987, Pat Conroy, The Lords of Discipline, p. 394:
  We kick ass and take names and call muster.
1990, David H. Hackworth, ‎Julie Sherman, About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior, p. 217:
  Hell, I thought, if I were wearing that star, I'd kick ass and take names and have this place turned upside down in a week.
2012, Robert Fitzpatrick, Betrayal, p. 17:
  â€œFitz,” Assistant Director Roy McKinnon said the day he summoned me to his office at headquarters in Washington in late 1980, “we need an Irishman to go to Boston to kick ass and take names.”