Leave A Sour Taste In One's Mouth Meaning

(idiomatic) To give one an unpleasant feeling or memory.

Example: 2007, Hilary Beard, "Surviving the Health Insurance Crisis", Ebony, July 2007, page 140:
  But after having been employed for her "entire adult life," her experience of being uninsured leaves a sour taste in her mouth.
2011, Mark Burke, Glimmers of Hope: Memoir of a Volunteer in Africa, Lulu.com (2011), ISBN 9780557112098, page 307:
  Some volunteers might opt to stay on in Zambia by other means, but the General election had left a sour taste in my mouth and I was ready to go.
2012, Angela Nicole, I Heard There'd Be Cake, Lulu.com (2012), ISBN 9781257865628, page 105:
  â€œYour daughter has amnesia, sir,” he said, the honourific leaving a sour taste in his mouth.