Legend In One's Own Lunchtime Meaning

(idiomatic, often ironic) One whose fame is insignificant or fleeting.

Example: 2003, Clive Maxfield, Bebop to the Boolean Boogie, ISBN 9780750675437, p. 1 (Google preview):
  A legend in his own lunchtime, Bulwer-Lytton became renowned for penning exceptionally bad prose...
2008 May 19, Media Monkey, "Media Diary from the Observer," The Guardian (UK) (retrieved 15 June 2014):
  At the company's end-of-season party last week, East Sr, a legend in his own lunchtime, grabbed the mic from the house band and regaled guests—including Setanta pundits Steve McManaman and Les Ferdinand—with a Beatles medley.
2012, Jeff Connor, Field of Fire, ISBN 9781780572789, (Google preview):
  By way of a change, the Star assistant editor, another legend in his own lunchtime, would regularly fall asleep during the morning conference and we would simply tiptoe past him and leave him to it.