• Mix Definition & Synonyms

  1. (v. i.) To become united into a compound; to be blended promiscuously together.
  2. (v. t.) To unite with in company; to join; to associate.
  3. (v. t.) To form by mingling; to produce by the stirring together of ingredients; to compound of different parts.
  4. (v. i.) To associate; to mingle.
  5. (v. t.) To cause a promiscuous interpenetration of the parts of, as of two or more substances with each other, or of one substance with others; to unite or blend into one mass or compound, as by stirring together; to mingle; to blend; as, to mix flour and salt; to mix wines.

Admixture, Amalgamate, Blend, Coalesce, Combine, Commingle, Commix, Commixture, Conflate, Flux, Fuse, Immix, Integrate, Intermixture, Meld, Merge, Mingle, Mixing, Mixture, Ruffle, Shuffle, Unify,

• Mixture Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) An ingredient entering into a mixed mass; an additional ingredient.
  2. (n.) A kind of liquid medicine made up of many ingredients; esp., as opposed to solution, a liquid preparation in which the solid ingredients are not completely dissolved.
  3. (n.) That which results from mixing different ingredients together; a compound; as, to drink a mixture of molasses and water; -- also, a medley.
  4. (n.) The act of mixing, or the state of being mixed; as, made by a mixture of ingredients.
  5. (n.) A mass of two or more ingredients, the particles of which are separable, independent, and uncompounded with each other, no matter how thoroughly and finely commingled; -- contrasted with a compound; thus, gunpowder is a mechanical mixture of carbon, sulphur, and niter.
  6. (n.) An organ stop, comprising from two to five ranges of pipes, used only in combination with the foundation and compound stops; -- called also furniture stop. It consists of high harmonics, or overtones, of the ground tone.

Admixture, Assortment, Commixture, Concoction, Intermixture, Miscellanea, Miscellany, Mix, Mixing, Motley, Potpourri, Salmagundi, Variety,

• Mixing Definition & Synonyms

  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Mix

Admixture, Commixture, Intermixture, Mix, Mixture,