Money's Worth Meaning

(idiomatic, by extension) Recompense or just deserts, especially as resulting from dealing with a perceived injury or injustice.

Example: 1857, Maria Edgeworth, “The Will” in Tales and Novels: Volume II:
  Goodenough's partizans, however, observed that he got his money's worth out of every man he employed; and that this was the way to grow rich.
1928, "Business & Finance: Schulte Ubiquitous," Time, 23 Jan.:
  In the appearance of his shops and in the quality of his merchandise, Mr. Schulte promises to give the public its eye's worth and its money's worth.
2008, Dave Ongie, "Edwards eases Busch aside, claims Sharpie 500 victory," (US), 24 Aug. (retrieved 20 April 2011):
  Carl Edwards spent most of his Saturday evening trying to get to Kyle Busch’s rear bumper. Once he finally got there, Edwards made sure he got his money’s worth.
2007, J. P. S. Brown, The World in Pancho's Eye, ISBN 9780826341907, p. 220:
  "Listen, Mikey," she said, "when somebody tries to bully you, just punch him on the end of the nose the way you did old Panfilo. . . . [Y]ou be just as mean as you want to be and at least give him his money's worth.