Nikon Choir Meaning

(idiomatic) A large group of photographers simultaneously capturing images of a celebrity, producing numerous photographic flashes along with an accompanying din of clicking camera shutters.

Example: 1991 July 28, Roxanne Roberts, "State of the Union, Ten Years After," Washington Post (retrieved 23 July 2013):
  And with television, radio, the "Nikon choir" of photographers and 10 daily newspapers in London, there's plenty to manipulate. The Chuck and Di show opened to smash reviews and, 10 years later, has evolved into a thriving industry.
2004 Oct. 24, "Harry: 'Spare heir' with a tendency to snap," Times of India (retrieved 23 July 2013):
  [A]fter drinking vodka and cranberry juice at the Pangaea nightclub in the West End, he came out at to be confronted by the "Nikon choir" of paparazzi.
2013 July 23, Michael Cole, "Royal baby: Thinking of the late Princess Diana as her first grandchild is born," EADT24 (UK) (retrieved 23 July 2013):
  Fortunately, the Royal baby has sensible parents. . . . I congratulate them on how they managed to arrive at St Mary’s hospital without the Nikon Choir outside getting sight of them.