No Screaming Hell Meaning

(Canada, idiomatic) Not particularly effective or impressive; below expectations.

Example: 1979 May 5, Jay Bryan, "Jake Moore is a man used to getting his way‎," Montreal Gazette, p. 48 (retrieved 29 Aug. 2011):
  In overall management skills, "he's no screaming hell," says the analyst. "He doesn't have the long view."
2005 Nov., "Re: 6 volt speakers? old car radio question,", posting by Poncho62 (Hanover, Ontario, Canada) (retrieved 17 Dec. 2007):
  Factory speakers are no screaming hell.
2007 June 28, "The Ruby,", posting by WandasTrainee (retrieved 17 Dec. 2007):
  I hate to say it but Canadian television was no screaming hell before Corner Gas.
2010 Nov. 16, Sean Gordon, "Sports: The only constant is change," Globe and Mail (Canada) (retrieved 29 Aug. 2011):
  [I]f we're being honest, Markov was no screaming hell in his first four or five games back.