Nothing Doing Meaning

(idiomatic) Absolutely not; definitely no.

Example: 1917, William MacLeod Raine, The Sheriff's Son, ch. 11:
  "I'll fix his clock all right."
  "Nothing doing. I won't have it."
1920, Victor Appleton, Tom Swift And His Undersea Search, ch. 1:
  "[P]erhaps you might sell them a submarine or some of your diving apparatus."
  "Nothing doing, Ned. We've got other plans."
1946, "MANAGEMENT: Bundy Saves & Shares," Time, 4 Nov.:
  [T]he employes of Detroit's Bundy Tubing Co. wanted a raise of 18 1/2 cents an hour. Said Bundy flatly: nothing doing.
2008, Preeta Samarasan, Evening is the Whole Day, ISBN 9780618874477, p. 255:
  [S]he'd consoled herself with a fresh plan: she'd refuse to go to her father when he came back. Nothing doing, she'd say.