Of Two Minds Meaning

(idiomatic) Undecided or unsure; equivocating; conflicted in one's opinions.

Example: 1919, Upton Sinclair, Jimmie Higgins, ch. 22:
  [Y]ou could not be indifferent to the war, you could not be of two minds about it. And yet—Jimmie Higgins was of two minds! He wanted to beat back the Huns, who had made all this fearful mess; but also he wanted to beat the profiteers who were making messes at home.
2006, Richard Zoglin, "10 Questions for Bette Midler," Time, 19 May:
  I'm of two minds about Vegas. I think Vegas is strange, and I don't know where their water comes from. But as a town and a place for an entertainer, there's . . . no other place you can go to where you can just sit and do six weeks at a time and have your band and your staff be so happy.