On A Tear Meaning

(idiomatic) In or into a protracted state of agitation, fury, or zeal.

Example: 1981 April 13, "Sport: Raging Bull of Basketball," Time (retrieved 28 Aug 2015):
  [T]he team was on a tear, having laid waste to three early round tournament opponents by a total victory margin of 82 points.
2014 Nov. 7, Dan Hardy, "Michael Bisping analysis," Independent (UK) (retrieved 28 Aug 2015):
  To say he went on a tear after turning professional would be an understatement. He went fourteen fights without tasting defeat.
2015 July 9, William D. Cohan, "The Bumbling, Irrelevant New York Stock Exchange," New York Times (retrieved 28 Aug 2015):
  [T]he market has been on a tear for more than six years and continues to trade near record highs.
2001 May 29, Thomas L. Friedman, "Foreign Affairs: 95 to 5," New York Times (retrieved 28 Aug 2015):
  Congress has been hopping mad and the U.N.-haters have been on a tear.
2012 Sep. 27, Wesley Morris, "‘How to Survive a Plague’ looks back at AIDS activism’s power," Boston Globe (retrieved 28 Aug 2015):
  [W]hen the gay activist and playwright Larry Kramer goes on a tear, when he really lays into somebody about being politically lazy or not wearing a condom,. . . [y]ou hear rage.