On One's Plate Meaning

(of one or more matters of concern) To be dealt with or handled.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see on,‎ plate.
2007, James Hawkins, Deadly Sin, page 176,
  "Sorry, Dave," says Bryan, tossing his notes onto Bliss's desk. "But this one's down to you. I've already got half a dozen blaggings on my plate thanks to our Muslim mates.”
2009, Joseph J. Luciani, Reconnecting: A Self-Coaching Solution to Revive Your Love Life, page 126,
  The Concern Channel will tell you about learning to deal only with the significant, legitimate problems that are on your plate today — not what may be on your plate tomorrow.
2009, Robert Van Voren, On Dissidents and Madness, page 239,
  The only major case we had on our plate was in The Netherlands, of all places.